About Us

Hello there! Welcome to our Spokane city fan website. We are Martha and David Cavanaugh, and we would love to share info about this marvelous city.

Spokane city is the second largest city in the state of Washington. It is a city doused in rich history and full of events and festivals going on throughout the year. We were so intrigued by this city’s beauty and people that we decided to build a site for the little known Spokane city. However, this was only a recent decision.

We used to study in a university in Washington and had visited the Spokane City for a college trip. After graduating, they decided to get married and for their honeymoon, they wanted to revisit the little known city in Washington and that was when they fell in love with the city.

Spokane city has a lot to offer. Falls Pow Wow is a famous festival in Spokane, where native American culture is showcased with dance, drums and entertainment. Apart from Falls Powwow, numerous other festivals go on throughout the year, including Lilac festival, Pride Parade and Rainbow festival. At night, Spokane turns into a whole new look. There are bars, pubs and wineries, spread all over the city, and live music and concerts is a common site.

Spokane is a city packed with art, culture and entertainment. Be it sports, festivals, museums or historical sites, you can never get enough of this city.

If you want to know more about Spokane and its hotspots and heritage, we are here to help.