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Annual Events

Spokane is famous for arranging lots of events. They know how to host such programs. Community creative events, biggest time foot race, largest street basket, the first night, lilac festival and interstate fair are most delighting events in the Spokane. Join with the community with all of your buddies and family. Big events in the Spokane are discussed below.


Bloomsday is the one of most popular events where 50000 crowds join in the country’s biggest race. It is one of the largest timed running events in the universe. Regional athletes and international elite runners walk for the special events as well as healthy celebration of fitness. It is held on first Sunday of May. This year it was happened at 14th May. It will happen next year at 3rd May.

Lilac Festival

Lilac Festival spokaneSpokane loves the spring celebration. It is largest family oriented entertainment in the Inland Northwest. The events not only based on relishing spring but also some other objectives like, foster goodwill with the Northwest local people, to honor local military personnel and to recognize outstanding youth area. They love its Lilacs. Since it’s starts from 1938 in the city. 2015 Lilac Festival is May 11-17 and Held in May 12th – 18th in 2014.

Art Fest

Art fest is the delight celebration of Artists. It’s a grand festival where juried artists offer handicraft products as jewelry, ceramics, glass, fiber, and wood. There are also program of outstanding selection of live music and also educational artists demonstrate creative activity. They also inspire the next generation artists also. It is arranged in the first weekend f June. Join the fest and take the taste of creativity.


Hoopfest is the nation’s largest 3-on-3 street baseball tournament. In the street show, people play basketball through the celebration of athleticism, community involvement and fair play. It is one of the most dynamic downtown athletic platforms for enjoyment. Every on hoops there with the Spokane Hoopfest Association. It is organized in last weekend in June.

Pig out in the Park

Riverfront Park spokaneGet ready yourself to join the party. Pig out in the park is annual event that features music party with lots of food menu. Over 75 bands will perform on the bluegrass, reggae and Barbershop. The program features 50 restaurant booths that serve 250 menus. You entry is allowed at less than $7.95. The motto of the program is “You’ll never eat it all!” and closely followed by “Just try and hear it all!” It is arranged in Riverfront Park at the Labor Day weekend. Join the events with our friends and family.

Spokane Interstate Fair

The fair is ten-day exciting events. Spokane celebrates the creativity of the land and hand. The fair features allot of oinking, horsing, mooing, and crowing around followed by gorgeous flower and giant vegetables. Carnival offers for the visitors. There are many thrills are waiting for you. Americans take it as Apple pie, and it starts from first Friday after Labor Day.

First Night Spokane

First Night Spokane is a high quality New Year’s Eve program with the community people. It starts your new year with the creative high note. The program features accessible, innovative and exciting celebrations. There is lots of music genre and food celebration. Join the party an artfully enjoy the party. It is held on New Year’s Eve and Day. People celebrate the day to welcome the New Year.

Spokane people are very much wine enthusiastic, sports fan and outdoorsman. That is why there are phenomenal events are organized. They are the ideal hosts for above special events. Have a look on the calendar to see what is next.

Restaurants in Spokane

Along the other great souvenirs you take with you, the experience of tasting one of the world’s most delicious foods here at Inland Northwest is not worth missing. Chefs recognized by awards, a scenic beauty, flawless bear and wines wait for you. Be it a deli with hand crafted food, an intricately Northwest trout, a bear bar or a clubby wine tasting experience the Spokane region is now an expert in meeting your needs attributed to the cultural richness associated with the art of preparing food.

Getting served here at Spokane, every part of it is like a roller-coaster ride ending soon and wanting you to come back. Starting with the menu, it mostly haves a diversified list of food items ranging from pastas to meat# to fresh fish, salads and soups. The menus may change all round the year with specialties of each season changing four times a year. Any wine you name is served and listed on the menu with local Northwest wines necessarily included. The bar offered is well equipped with hand crafted martinis, fresh juices and quality espressos of today that can bear no complaints.

The moment you enter the restaurant, the short glimpse of bar stools magnificent yet appealing in their nature and the generous welcoming staff if any is something that brings you back and again to these restaurants. You are sure to have an immediate sensation and feeling of being in just the correct place.

Moving on with the food, most of the customers and diners have multiple times complimented the food, the proof of which is running restaurants with limited seats in tourist season. In addition you may have to wait for the food but the fact is that the food that is about to be served is worth waiting. In addition the venue of most of these restaurants is such that they enjoy a beautiful view unlike traditional restaurants that makes waiting for customer easy yet the aroma of food all around makes their hunger pangs stronger with a strong desire of food.

The waiting period may not be necessary but just in case you have to wait, here at Spokane, we do not have waiters/ waitresses will sullenness and gloominess. The staff will be dedicated to their diners entertaining them with things like riddles making their stay way more than a mere experience of tasting food.

Some of the best restaurants in Spokane include:

Wild Sage American Bistro: Being number 1, the restaurant has already received Certificate of Excellence in 2014. The client feedback is very positive again for this diner with excellent comments for food, with staff that would always smile and come up with pretty good recommendations.

Italia Trattoria: Opened in 2010 by the popular Chef Anna Vogel it is basically an Italian inspired restaurant in downtown Spokane. The Italian collection of this restaurant is worth trying. Specialities may include sweet potato gnocchi and octopus salad with zeppole doughnuts giving the final touch.

Franks Diner: Known for amazing breakfast. The train present inside is a piece of beauty itself and has historical value since was a presidential car. Customers usually came back being unable to resist the great taste and the great environment.